MySWAP Community appreciation activities

Dear MySwap community users:

MySwap has been registered in HackerLink to participate in OKExChain Grant, hoped that community vigorously vote, and launched this thank you for the community support.

1.Vote for MySwap in Hackerlink, and get 1 NFT (zodiac egg) + 100mst reward per vote;

2.The system will be statistically based on the chain information, and the reward is issued after the MySwap main network is issued;

3.From now until OKExChain ​​Grant ends (subject to the HackerLink activity page).

Vote for MySwap:Vote

Thanks to all participants in the community to support and recognize MySwap!

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Thank you for your attention!





MySwap is a DeFi platform based on OKExchain, which integrates DEX, NFT and DAO.